" Hua Hin Grand Hills "
Private pool villas with natural view surrounded.

Project Overview

Imagine how amazing it is if, on your vacation you are surrounded by nature. The beautiful mountains and the fresh breeze blowing from the sea makes Hua Hin the most popular destination in Thailand.

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Explore our project with this video. Travel around Hua Hin Grand Hills project and view 4 quality house types.

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Fully furnished package decorated by our 4 quality partners including European kitchen, built in wardrobes, furniture in all rooms, curtains, mosquito nets and rain gutters

Hua Hin Grand Hills

House Type : A

Hua Hin Grand Hills

House Type : B

Hua Hin Grand Hills

House Type : C

Hua Hin Grand Hills

House Type : L

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Ph : +66 61-581-8777

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Hua Hin - Huay Mong Kol Road, Hin Lek Fai, Hua Hin, Prachuapkirikhan 77110 huahingrandhills@gmail.com